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We are rebuilding our world,

a brand new way of daily life,

a brand new way of being born,

of being seen.

We awaken each day,

knowing the law, knowing our rights,

knowing our true powers,

the gold inside each and everyone of us.

No more slaves, or slave masters,

no more power to the elite,

we walk as sovereign crowns of our own affairs,

legendary masters of important matters,

VIP royalty in our very own way.

Together, we design our goals,

with collaboration in mind.

We create, we build, we learn,

our magnetic powers in full effect.

We stay put for most of the day,

consuming what we produce,

each room with a purpose,

earning keep from our skills,

our secret sauce.


as the sun goes down,

and bedtime draws near,

the community unites,

we come together in grace and gratitude,

to be thankful,

to be full of love,

to be just so happy to be alive,

in our multi-purpose homes,

kings and queens of our castles,

our old life redesigned,

our new Earth is here.


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