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We all know him he is called the HULK The INCREDIBLE HULK. - we’ve seen his anger - we’ve felt his rage - we’ve heard his ROOAAAR.

The Hulk’s ANGER was because he was angry; he was ENRAGED which made him ROOAAAR

The Hulk’s ANGER was because of wrong doing. His ROAR represents an evil violation of truth and immoral action that hijacked harmony, hosteled stress, and dis comfort for the innocent.

The Hulk’s roar is loud. Heard by everyone; felt by the few who know the feelings of immoral action that hijacks harmony, hosteles stress, and dis comfort for the innocent.

The ROOAAAR comes from the depths of darkness of deep, deep despair.

The ROOAAAR vibrates conscious to destruction of total destruction.

The ROOAAAR is his only weapon against evil; the hijacker of harmony.

The Incredible Hulk lived in harmony until harmony was hijacked.

The Hulk has every right to ROAR He has every right to fight back - to destroy whatever got in his way do away with the wrong doings; the immoral actions of evil.

The Hulk is my hero because he stands in truth. He stands in right action and honest morals.

The Hulk is a good person because he caused no harm. He lived peacefully with love in his heart and a smile on his face. until evil got in the way...

Then the Hulk destroyed until his destruction was final.


Thank you Mark Passio for teaching me that there is GOOD and MORAL anger in the world. This anger is called #RighteousIndignation

Be the Hulk.

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