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I’ve just returned from my second event in six months time; convinced I’m now an advocate, a change agent for Anarchy.

I’m feeling refreshed, refined and have a deeper love for life; convinced its because of Anarchy; the principles and values it supports.

Most of all, I’m surprised we’ve never been told about this option; never fully educated on Anarchy; the path to personal freedom and wealth.

Anarchy, as a political party, has been hidden from us in history; not taught in schools, or talked about on the nightly news.

Like a mistress in the night; Anarchy is secret and seductive. She entices you to discover your own beliefs of rights and wrongs.

She whispers to removes the layers between your head and heart; and gives you space to open up and discover your own wants and needs.

She listens intently to your goals and allows you to change your mind. She is patient. She is fair. She is supportive. She accepts you completely.

When you dance with her, like a mistress; Anarchy is a personal relationship between you; and the ones you choose to dance with.

Maybe you dance with one person, maybe you dance with several. And whatever music you choose; rhythm, respect and love is there.

Like with dancing, there is no third party; no 3rd person refereeing your moves; telling you what to do, or when to dip, when to spin...and ushering you off stage if you missed a beat.

(Well, of course unless you are on dancing with the stars!) 😛

However, normal everyday dancing, does not need a referee; does not need a 3rd party to interfere with your personal moves.

With Anarchy, the same thing applies; we don’t need a referee. We don’t need a 3rd party to interfere with our personal decisions.

(Unless, of corse, its to protect our life, liberty and property!) ❤️

The allure of Anarchy is spreading like wildfire.

✅ Yes we have rules, but we don’t have rulers. ✅ Yes we pay tax, but we decide the causes our funds support. ✅ Yes we have conflict, but there is no aggression when resolving differences. ✅ There is no force. ✅ There is no violence. ✅ There is no thief. ✅ There is so much more to know....

For me, Anarchy has helped with my finances; its helped change my mindset with with my failed divorce; it has given me strength, and clarity of what I want in my future.

I invite you to explore the allure of Anarchy; to discover for yourself how this new approach might help. You'll be surprised how far, an open mindset can get you.❤️

Thank you to ALL the leaders of this movement who are making this world a better place, one SPECTACULAR event and FUN party at a time 🥳 I'm really excited to see you all again in #Anarchapulco2020

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