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These two teens on tellie have no clue that the radiation devices they are holding up to their heads have direct links to brain cancer. 😳 They also don't know that this is the WRONG way to hold their cell phone.

As per the fine print, all wireless devices from smartphones to wireless laptops to baby monitors come with FCC warnings that they are NOT safe to use if held directly on the body because the radio frequency emissions can exceed government limits.

Very importantly, if you place a cell phone at body contact, you can exceed radiation limits up to 9 times US FCC limits according to reports of the French government after testing hundreds of cell phones.

These two teens are too young to be playing with radiation, and yet the fact that this habit has been given to them by their (unknowing) parents, makes it even worse.

Most parents have no clue that mobile phone technology is so damaging. As a parent, I too was once ignorant of all the facts. They have been hidden from us well.

If you are a parent, please make sure your child uses their cell phone in speaker mode or with earphones. You should NEVER put the phone up to your head. If you have to, do so quickly, and never longer than a minute or so...

There is a whole generation of children and billions of people worldwide that need to learn this very important habit NOW as their future health and wellbeing is at risk. I love my tech, but not if it's going to kill me.

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