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Friends, every time I see someone walking on the streets wearing this devices, my heart aches. I want to so badly tap them on the shoulder and share the knowledge I know about blue tooth technology. I didn't know there could be such a health issue with a communication product (as I'm sure it exceeded the government standards) but I am sorry to share the news that this is NOT safe. Bluetooth technology, which operates at a different frequency than WIFI, is NOT a healthy frequency. It should be off your body when not in use. All blue tooth devices are unhealthy, especially the body gear made for children ☢️ the way, the government standards are rubbish. They don't protect us in any way. It's really shocking we allow this.

I turn my bluetooth off except for when I am hot spotting away from the office or listening to Max Igan in the car. He is perfect for my hourly commute, but I don't do this often as blue tooth in the car is even worse for you 😟 Check your devices now to make sure they are in the OFF mode if not in use.

Yes, I love my tech, but not at the risk of my health. When tech that can be avoided, it should. If safety precautions can be made, they should. Especially because the children are mirroring our behaviours with how we use these devices and, subsequently, we are teaching tech habits, trends and fads - to our kids.

Friends - this hearing device you see in the photo, for easier listening and convenience, is NOT safe. If you have one, please stop using it immediately. We need to quickly turn this trend around and consider it just a fad that the manufactures are pumping out for money and greed with no consideration to our livelihoods. This is not convenience once you understand whats really happening energetically - to your health, wellness, body, mind and spirit. ❤️

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