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I had my spiritual awakening on March 5th 2018, when my world came crashing in and I became depressed for weeks.

The process of uncovering #truth can be brutal and scary and down right horrible for some. Once awakened, we go through #trauma and we’ve realised the #abuse of the #government at one point. And, although you might think this is the end, it’s not. It’s actually just the beginning....

The hoax of #covid_19 has brought the reality of our enslavement, our #narcissistic government, and now many are #awakening for the first time. If this is you, I want you to know you are not alone. We have #solutions and #options and all sorts of goodness to choose from that will help you evolve and discover your true powers.

Right now is the best time to be alive because we’ve figured out who our #enemy is, and we know their cards now...the only thing we have the power to do is just walk away and be who we’ve always meant to be.

Freedom is a mindset, it’s a natural birth right, and is the most precious standing we can obtain here on planet #earth

If you are one of the many millions who are standing up for #freedom in #2022 - thank you. Everyone must know that freedom comes from within. It’s a natural birth right that has been tangled up into lies and deceit. Learn the lie, and stand in truth today before your freedoms are gone forever.

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