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RIP to all these famous people,

the faces of Hollywood,

the faces of #covid19

the ones who played their part,

in the depopulation plan.

These are the people,

the ones who died suddenly,

all of the sudden,

no longer on our screens,

no longer influencing,

impacting us,

the teens,

the little ones.

These people we used to look up to,

these false ideals that lie,


and steal.

Knowledge is power,

and these faces took this from you,

they took to the lies

and told them to you,

and many believed them.

Back then,

but not now,

not today.

Today we are building a new world,

a whole new Hollywood,

a new screen filled with new faces -

beautiful, glowing, smiling faces,

who are amazing in every which way,

the faces of tomorrow;

the faces of:

the new Earth.


If you want to join a culture, a new community built in truth, justice and love,

AND if you want to discover all the secrets I discovered since 2019 - join the collective at:

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