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RESTORING HUMANITY - one heart at a time

Updated: May 29, 2023

THE GOAL: To restore the world from the inside out...starting with understanding cultural Marxism.

Please spend some time reviewing the below content about how this 'ideology' is weaving its way on to humanity through our own ignorance. We are ALL participating in this change we see in the social fabric of society.

To watch the full overview of this phenomenon, go here to learn Cultural Marxism.

In a nutshell, we need to win the good people of the world who have pink hair and who identify as transgender - to help restore the beautiful culture of planet Earth; through natural law. To educate, through the heart, the infiltration of human rights that have been taken from us by the corporations laws (unlawful acts and statutes) that we are following.

We must, softy and slowly - restore and/or stop the corporations (the enemy) from the attack on humanity through the mind control of every day people. From the attack by their ignorance, and good will.

Everyone who identify's as 'national citizen' OR a 'global citizen' is participating in this phenomenon called: Cultural Marxism

We also must remember that we DO have an enemy, through the implementation of Cultural Marxism (through the schools agenda, work place policies, and societal norms, and 'laws' and regulations of the corporation) - ultimately through Agenda 2030 - and they have a plan that impacts every single human on the matter if you are young, old, boy, girl, transgender, lawyer, cop, teacher = EVERYONE will be impacted by Agenda 2030 (the implementation of cultural marxism), like how Covid impacted us ALL. you think this is possible?

Do you think its possible to educate people so they too can help defend the good people of the planet, and the people who reside inside the corporations of the world....from the attack on humanity? The attack that is happen through the hearts and minds - one body at a time.

I will ask again: matter if you are young, old, boy, girl, transgender, lawyer, cop, teacher = EVERYONE will be impacted, like how Covid impacted us you think we can all save humanity from this destruction?

DECOLINISING COLONIALISM With the end result of having an awakening for that pink haired transgender person who is responsible for implementing the 'laws' that they are participating in fraud. These 'laws' are impacting the very essence of life, and our survival.

These people, without them knowing it, are supporting war crimes against humanity. If we are being honest with ourselves...THIS is the defense on humanity that we need to see happen. This is not a matter of waiting for people to 'wake up' to government corruption. We are no longer in that timeframe or mindset for this lazy approach to survival. We need everyone to defend this land, every one of the people inside the corporations who identify as countries.

The Corporations across the world (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand - 5 eyes agreement) have a plan to kill and enslave humanity, and I am not going to sit back and watch this happen. The willfully ignorant people who are turning a blind eye will soon see their own suffering in all this, and we need to build a safety net for them when this happens.

We need to build a safety net for ourselves first. The safety net comes from aligning with the right people who are going to help in our survival. We need to align with the cops, lawyers, fisherman, milk man, nurse and teacher. They are all playing a role here.

So are the bankers and the debt collectors.

So are the CPS agents and the thugs who pull your kids out of your arms, for breaking the covid 'law'. Watch this happen to a friend of mine, this is the clip I created for her:


We are at a time when this is 'all hands on deck' with 'boots on the ground' helping people with the education that is so needed at this time. Its not about waiting for the people to 'wake up' they never will. We either inject them with information, a big heart and a plan forward...

or we will have been captured as a human species, and their plans achieved, and this planet destroyed by our ignorance and free will.

We need to make it trendy to talk about this agenda at the dinner table. We need to make it a fad to do self discovery and evolve into new versions of ourselves. We need to ask WHY?

We need to make people realize the attack on humanity, and how we are all participating in the future, whether we want to 'wake up' to this realisation, or not.

DOING THE GROUND WORK Of course I would never be so brash as to tell anyone this face to face, without first doing the groundwork of building knowledge to this point of awareness. BUT the end result is that these people need to wake up to what they are doing to support this agenda. The agenda is in FULL SWING by the good people of the planet. This needs to STOP, if we want to save humanity. And, yes this is my goal with people - to get them to STOP what they are doing and walk in a new direction. This is what I have been telling people for three years. I have personally evolved so much since learning of these plans, and everyone has the options to do this, if not now - by 2025 - we can all have a personal plan on how to move forward.

We are all evolving and we are all moving forward in different areas of our lives, but we are all moving forward towards a unified goal and destination:

The agenda 2030 laws are being discussed right now by the WEF and the WHO, and this will impact people FOR CERTAIN in a few years time (some say 3 )and we need to get the minds of the good people prepared for when it does happen.

I think it has to come from various angles, starting with tax and the law and working up with information. As a first priority I think offering business advice to the people, from a business defence perspective (like how I did with the tiny home village people) is a great start. The convention I attended had people open for chatting about Agenda 2030 - and was very open to me, and what I had to say.

We just have to remember that we are dealing with mind control which is seen in the law, cops, bank accounts and everything else that comes with dealing with a mob who has a plan to kill you. They are socially engineering consciousness. We need to ask strategically for their attention and time without bringing fear into the picture. Its a balance of knowledge, and protecting the people in the right way. It needs to be done with patience over time, but efficianty - like building group awareness of self reliance and all leaning on each other for strength during the transition. 1. The cop needs to help the milkman when the Agenda 2030 laws impact him. 2. The lawyer needs to help business owners when the Agenda 2030 laws impact them. 3. The person who works for the enemy (there are many) what they are doing to help build consciousness over time. They need to understand the metaphysics of reality and how they are participating in an agenda. We have a name for this agenda now, its cultural marxism and we are de-colonising the land through the restoration of law and history.

...and also get into the hearts of the people who work for the corporation. For instance, there will likely be good people of (or example: *** insert any local town) who work for the corporation. they might be cops, nurses and teachers. We should have a planned event that we invite them to, like a "history day" and get them warmed in their hearts before we expose the plot. Each country will have their own local approach.

For Cornwall to be an example would be targeting a plan for: : The local plebs: a weekly chat about council tax and tv license The local Milkman, Farmer & Fisherman: a weekly chat that talks about business rights. The cops who work for the corporation: an event in early June (after Mazey day) that shares the history of Cornwall and the beautiful opportunity of restoration that we have in for ourselves in this opportunity. The local council people: (same as above) an event in early June (after Mazey day) that shares the history of Cornwall and the beautiful opportunity of restoration that we have in for ourselves in this opportunity. The 'sales pitch' is really to get them to focus on us, our plans for restoration, their participation in the ongoing development of creation (through manifestation) for the foreseeable future. I am talking from a metaphysical perspective that the social fabric of this world is under attack and the only way we are going to stop this is from the heart, NOT ego. The ego has been sharpened (through fear) to be used as a weapon and can be used against us at any time.

THIS is the enemy, the ego of the people who are not willing to grow and evolve, so we have to make this process as fun, trendy and exciting as possible.

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