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The police,

a for profit powerhouse,

here to call the shots,

here to govern action,

here to create results that manifest ~

into abuse,

and ultimately,


It's only through their free will,

the cops choice of action and contempt,

inside their roles of policy enforcers for the corporation,

through the foot soldiers for the laws of NWO governance,

the action on the ground,

inside all countries,

inside 'MOST' countries,

we call home.

Yes, this is true,

100% correct,

'the cops'

'the police'

'the men wearing the costumes with badges',

pushing policy,

through entitled enforcement,

no different than Ronald McDonald,

pushing fries,

with every happy meal.

- both corporations,

- both for-profit,

- both selling sacrifice,

selling sacrifice to good health, wellness,

truth, freedom,

and love.


We all must come to the realisation that our countries have been taken over, hijacked by pirates, and we are all now - lost at sea. As we move into 2023 - we must pay closer attention to who is around us, calling the shots, and prohibiting good health, wellness and freedom. If you want to learn more about your rights, or the law - join us at Freedom Collective Foundation

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