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On my birthday this past weekend, to my shock, and to my surprise, I met and shook hands with ~ Pete Evans ~

YES!! The one and only, too hot to handle, completely censored, and now, greeted as, the Great Australian Party - GAP representative ~ Pete Evans ~

I was in the parking lot, waiting for a spot, when lo and behold, Pete appeared.

He was walking, on his own, just him and I, and a whole bunch of cars.

I asked if he was leaving - he said no.

Then I asked if he was Pete Evans, he said yes, I am.

I was shocked, star-struck, had so much to say, wanted to give him a big ass hug, but the only words that came out, were:

“I’m Sheena!! I’m just sitting, and waiting... waiting for a car to leave.... so I can park, .....and join you.”

Yes those were the words that came out of my mouth.

My moment with Pete, My incredible opportunity that appeared, ~ out of nowhere ~ came and went, like seconds on a clock, tick tock, tick tocking.. And the only words I could say, the only thoughts I could muster up, was that I was incredibly happy to say hello, and, that I was waiting... waiting for cars to leave, so I could park, and join him.

what the....?

I didn’t ask for an interview. I didn’t thank him for all the amazing work he has done, and is doing. I didn’t congratulate him for standing in honour. I didn’t confirm that people were rising, that we got this; that the tide was changing...

I didn’t tell him I spoke out. I didn’t tell him that I talk truth too.

I didn’t say any of that.

So many more things I could have said. So many more moments I could have had. So many more points of interest to ponder.

Moments now gone, but not for long.. I hope.

I did manage to tell him it was my birthday. I told him that meeting him was a very special present. I shared I was so happy to pass him by, to have been in the parking lot, at that moment, parking.

I got to meet a true hero, a true warrior, a solid light in our darkness, someone we all love, all care for, all adore, and respect immensely.


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