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Living through the lie;

means leaving the life we once knew.

Seeing deceit;

means rising above dishonesty.

Having heartache from abuse,

means you have seen the truth for what it is.


living through the lie,

seeing deceit,

and having heartache from abuse,

means you care about yourself,

it automatically makes you stronger,

~ and ~

it wholeheartedly heals your starving soul.


because of this,

because of the lies, deceit, heartache and abuse,

we are now rebuilding the new Earth,

we are now rebuilding without the lies,

without deceit,

without heartache or abuse;

or totalitarian control.

It's our new Earth we are creating now,

built with clarity,

with true purpose,

with visionary intent,

~ and ~

with so much love on our side.


in turn,

makes a better future for you,

for me,

and for generations to come.

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