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Hello Friends!

This is an online gathering with all my favourite people around the world that will be an opportunity to explain how this Coronavirus 'outbreak' and global 'pandemic' will impact our future moving forward. The international times are listed below and in this chat I will share why this is happening, and most importantly, give you tips on how to survive this madness we are experiencing now, as predicted, in 2020.

In this online gathering (zoom link & registration below) I will explain:

  • Why the corona virus is an important step forward with The New World Order

  • What you can do to stay healthy over the next few weeks; and beyond

  • The steps you can take to stay alert and ready for whatever comes next...

This gathering will also give us an opportunity to connect, and for me to answer any questions you may have on the following subjects:

  • The New World Order

  • American History

  • The World Organisations keeping us 'safe'

  • The Medical System

  • The Money System

  • The Education System

  • The Legal System

  • How powerful we REALLY are (my favourite topic!)

I would love to have you all join me on this live call, if you have the free time, just for this short while, whilst we 're-group' together on this global situation we all face right now. If you can't make it, it will be recorded, so when you sign up, please give your right email address so we can stay connected.

You will also find this recording in the future on my website at:

Any questions related to this recording can be sent to:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Looking forward to connecting with you all very soon. Please invite as many friends to this event as you want! Everyone is welcome - we are all in this together.

With all my love,

Sheena xo


Los Angeles / San Diego / Vancouver Date: Monday, March 16 Time: 5PM Dallas, Texas Date: Monday, March 16 Time: 7PM New York City / Toronto Date: Monday, March 16 Time: 8PM Auckland, New Zealand Date: Tuesday, March 17 Time: 12PM Perth, Western Australia Date: Tuesday, March 17 Time: 8AM

Sydney, Eastern Australia Date: Tuesday, March 17 Time: 11AM

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