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Max Igan - Understanding 5G

In this interview, Max Igan talks about the health implications of 5G and shares how to use the Notice of Liability process explained by the InPower Movement. I am excited to know we all have the personal power to voice our opinions and stop this rollout!

"Personal power leads to successful outcomes in Hawaii and New Mexico as US residents use their voices to stop the 5G rollout progressing in their local communities”

Max Igan, The Crowhouse

WIFI is more dangerous than we think and this 5G rollout is much more dangerous than they are telling us. The FCC, FDA and other gov 'agencies' are not protecting us. Schools are the most dangerous place for our children. People, pets, and plants are at huge risk from the 5G, SmartGrid and SmartCity they are planning locally. They are also beaming it down from space - we are all in this together.

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