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LIVING IN THE NWO {repost Dec 8 2019}

I posted this video in 2019,

before the hoax hit our screen,

before the masks;

the total take over of tyranny.


I DID know that event was coming,

the hoax that hit our screen,

that's still on our screen,

In 2019 - I knew it was coming.

I predicted it then,

and I predict it now.

The time to evolve is NOW.


you will find,

as you evolve,

you get stronger in yourself,

you get stronger in your purpose,

you find the answers that you seek...

UPDATE ON ME: since this video -

3 years on, and:

I figured out the mystery of the Illuminati.

I figured out the positive aspects of the NWO,

I learned SO MUCH about myself,

about this world we live in.

Today in 2022,

2 years past this post,

I am very clear with what lies ahead,

and the amazing solutions at our fingertips.

Its unbelievable how much more there is to life,

when you comprehend the goals of the NWO,

you discover for yourself,

this is the best time to be alive.

LIVING IN THE NWO {repost Dec 8 2019}

To find out more about our solutions out of the mess we find ourselves in, and to arm yourself from the NWO, join the Freedom Collective Foundation's community today. Its free to sign up and explore - these are the treasures I've found, the secrets I was searching for. Join here:

To watch the full chat from 2019 go here:

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