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Awakening - what does it mean, and how do we do it? Some clues...

Here is a little taste of what we are in the process of, in this Shift, this time of transition.

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“In the big picture, it really does not matter what person is the President, what organization is spraying chemtrails, running the cabals, or financing negative alien “black op” projects. They are a symbol of a collective “mind controlled puppet” playing out their role as the unseen force manipulates their ego’s behavior to keep the same 3D structure feeding the same vampires. They will just pluck another dominating ego persona from the masses to play out the same fear manipulation program.”

– Lisa Renee, How Much Are You Willing To Know?

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True #spirituality is not a high, not a rush, not an altered state. It has been fine to romance it for a while, but our times call for something far more real, grounded, and responsible; something radically alive and naturally integral; something that shakes us to our very core until we stop treating spiritual deepening as something to dabble in here and there. Authentic spirituality is not some little flicker or buzz of knowingness, not a psychedelic blast-through or a mellow hanging-out on some exalted plane of consciousness, not a bubble of immunity, but a vast fire of liberation, an exquisitely fitting crucible and sanctuary, providing both heat and light for the healing and awakening we need.”

– Robert Augustus Masters, Spiritual Bypassing

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“Individualization is the capacity to take up all experiences and organise them around the divine centre. (...) Each individual is a special manifestation in the universe, therefore his true path must be an absolutely unique path. To be individualized in a collectivity, one must be absolutely conscious of oneself. And of which self? – the Self which is above all intermixture, that is, what I call the Truth of your being. And as long as you are not conscious of the Truth of your being, you are moved by all kinds of things, without taking any note of it all. Collective thought, collective suggestions are a formidable influence which act constantly on individual thought. And what is extraordinary is that one does not notice it. One believes that one thinks “like that”, but in truth it is the collectivity which thinks “like that”.

The mass is always inferior to the individual. Take individuals with similar qualities, of similar categories, well, when they are alone these individuals are at least two degrees better than people of the same category in a crowd. There is a mixture of obscurities, a mixture of unconsciousness, and inevitably you slip into this unconsciousness.

To escape this there is but one means: to become more conscious of oneself, more and more conscious and more and more attentive. It is thus that gradually, slowly, with perseverance, first of all with great care and much attention, one becomes conscious, learn to know oneself and then to become master of oneself.”

~ The Mother, “Collected Works of the Mother” – Sri Aurobindo Library

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The state of ignorance in which you believe that you are the doer of your acts persists so long as it is necessary for your development; but as soon as you are capable of passing into a higher condition, you begin to see that you are an instrument of the one consciousness; you take a step upward and you rise to a higher conscious level.”

~ Sri Aurobindo, The Integral Yoga

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By surrendering the illusion of the personal will, a whole different state of consciousness is born in us; a rebirth happens. It’s almost like a resurrection happens from deep within us. This resurrection is very hard to explain, like many things in spirituality, but in essence we start to be moved by the completeness and totality of life itself. (...) When you get out of the driver’s seat, you find that life can drive itself, that actually life has always been driving itself. When you get out of the driver’s seat, it can drive itself so much easier—it can flow in ways you never imagined. Life becomes almost magical. The illusion of the “me” is no longer in the way. Life begins to flow, and you never know where it will take you. (...) This kind of flow is always available to us, but most of us are too lost in the complexities of our thinking to feel that there’s a simple and natural flow to life. But underneath the turmoil of thought and emotion, and underneath the grasping of the personal will, there is indeed a flow. There is a simple movement of life.”

“This isn’t a journey about becoming something. This is about unbecoming who we are not, about undeceiving ourselves. And so one of the most important steps is to come into agreement with your life so that you’re not turning away from yourself in any way. And the amazing thing is that when we are no longer turning away from ourselves, we find a great amount of energy, a great capacity for clarity and wisdom, and we start to see everything we need to see.”

– Adyashanti, The End of Your World More of my favorite Adyashanti quotes here:

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“There is always a spiritual test before being able to attain the next stage of power. Each time you have to make progress, you have to undergo an examination. When Divine manifestations take place, they have also to pass through great difficulties and sufferings as a result of oppositions of dark and anti-divine forces which have had a hold upon earth since the creation. Those dark powers always oppose the new Lights because they do not want to give up their grip on the earth and sometimes their hostility even takes the form of war on earth [created and initiated by occult/hyperdimensional forces working througt their human puppets], but in spite of all obstructions the Divine Will succeeds at last.”

~ The Mother, “Collected Works of the Mother” – Sri Aurobindo Library

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“Essentially, every human being is destined to awaken, each in their own “time” and own way (and over lifetimes) as we play out the cosmic drama/comedy. However, we are far away from experiencing any notion of a “collective” awakening in any near “future”. So, embark on the path, watch out for the traps, don’t be afraid of the dark, and most importantly, enjoy the ride. The only way out is through, and there is light at the end of the tunnel…in fact, the tunnel is made of light itself. 🌀”

- Bernhard Guenther

Lots more from Bernhard and this subject here:

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