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The one time I look forward to hearing from the IRS is when they inform me that they now have a new 'tick box' for Aliens 😜 And not the foreign Aliens they allow inside the country to live, work, eat, breath and set up shop to have babies.

Thats what most foreign people do - US Aliens - when they enter the land of the free. They set up shop; work and have babies. Do the normal thing that normal humans do.

The penny finally fell when my father and I were talking about The Wall that Mr. President wants to build. This has been an on-going discussion for about a year. I only know about it from my visits home. This has been on the nightly news in LA frequently, as I am sure it has on other tellies across America.

I don't watch the nightly news anymore. Once I learned how were being brainwashed through the media, and that everything was scripted and fake, I stopped. That is when my awakening happened. I had so time to research all the corruption that lie before us. I had time to learn, and prepare.

But, I digress.

Back to The Wall - this topic bothers me.

Recently, my father and I had another discussion. It wasn't like our normal chats at home in the den, with me pointing my finger at the tellie, asking never-ending questions.

I brought up the POINT of the wall, again.

But this time I threw in a new concept I had recently learned about - Sanctuary Cities.

So Dad, how do Sanctuary Cities fit into all of this?

They don't. That is a local issue, The Wall is national.


So what does that mean?

I asked more questions, and then got so frustrated when I had to explain how absurd it was to be spending billions on building a wall to keep people out, when government allows foreign Aliens to legally walk in, set up shop and have babies.

He gave a reply, but it was not logical. It was something likely learned on the news. My dad is an incredibly smart person. I asked more questions, and we both became frustrated, so I dropped it. I can be stubborn with digging for truth.


I'm not for, or against The Wall.

I'm not for, or against Sanctuary Cities.

I'm for HAVING SENSE, and against CIRCUS ACTS

If you pull this back, and look at the big picture. This dialogue makes no sense. You can't have these two things happen on a local and national level in a country that is sane. It seems to completely contradict each other. They don't support each others goals. They don't support each others purposes.

Does anyone else see this?

I believe The Wall is being built for other purposes.

I believe Sanctuary Cities are being built for other purposes.

I believe we are being lied to on the nightly news and in other main stream (and alternative) media outlets. I believe we really need to re-think the 2020 elections. We also need to understand the purpose of the IRS. We need to become clear with our roles in society...and with our allegiance to humanity.

And, what exactly does 'Globalism' mean?

Until then, this circus continues.

And, I continue to laugh at this madness and roll my eyes at the craziness of it all. I do look forward to the day when the IRS recognises ALL Aliens inside its boarders - wall or not

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