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I walked into the store,

happy to be alive,

even though the world outside,

was dying.

I was singing to the tune,

the loudspeaker on centre stage,

reminiscing of songs from the 80s's;

the songs from my younger years;

the times of yesteryear.

I smiled,

danced to the rhythm,

moved my body from left to right,

familiar with the sound waves that slivered through my soul,

like I was led back to the good old days;

the songs of yesteryear.


this feels good,

as I picked my poison.


I'm happy to be here,

I'm happy to be alive,

I'm happy to be here,

right here,

right now.


as I walked towards the counter,

he too was happy to be there,

he too was happy to be alive,

right here,

right now.

We were both smiling,

from ear to ear,

so grateful for the life we were living,

so grateful for the opportunity that we had,

to be connected,

to be there,

right now.


after I paid for my poison,

and walked back towards my car,

something miraculous happened.

I sat down with confidence,

I clicked on my seat belt for safety;

I turned on the engine to ignite my way forward;

to prepare myself to leave.


out of the middle of nowhere,

she waved towards me,

she knocked on my window,

and wanted to send me some love.


out of the middle of nowhere,

she handed me these flowers,

~ a fresh bouquet of love ~

for YOU she said,

because YOU deserve this,

because the stranger whom I'd never met before said --

" for YOU,

just because...

YOU deserve this".


I did not know what to say,

other than ~

thank YOU.

YOU are amazing...

Thank YOU my dear;

from the bottom of my heart,

thank YOU;

I love YOU.

And all she had to say back was ~

yes dear,

I love you too.


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