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Question for you: The world is....?

a. flat b. round c. something in between

I say the world is flat; and something in between.

Not round.

Never before been round.

Being round, is a bulbous lie, a big fat lie, in my world.

What about you? Are you living the lie? or, something in between?

It's in exploring this 'something in between', that we learn truth.

We learn that: ~ in addition to other facts ~ this world is a simulation, a whole bunch of beings, being, and doing, their thing.

Some of these Beings are good. Some of these Beings are bad. A few of these Beings are very, very bad; you could say evil.

It's in the exploring this 'evil', that the devil appears, and the opportunity to truely live, makes itself known.

I say truely live, because this is not life, this world we currently live in - this is not life.

This world is full of evil. And a whole bunch of lies.

Evil Beings, doing evil things, and appear, to be getting their way.

For now.

The lies are here, for now.

Thats why we must question everything.

All the good Beings of the world, must question everything.

Everything that comes your way, good Being, from this way forward - question.

Question everything.

A lie lasts, until the truth arrives.


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