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WE are awakening; the breaking of lifelong torture; muzzles finally removed, centuries of enslavement finally forgone.

These times are scary for us all. Becoming empowered is not easy, The learning process to truth is never fun.

BUT it takes psychological manipulation a gas lighting of goodness, an er of evil, and an abuse that continues - To uphold this abuse that continues.

The lies, the deceit and untruths. It's ALL abuse.

The plague that plagues our way. Psychological warfare Mental manipulation Making things up as we go along mantras ~ on a macro level with government. on a micro level inside communities, family homes, and relationships.

To so many across the land To so many hurting now - Everyone's impacted; Everyone's impaired. A destruction of humanity That came from left field. The distilling of fear that is all so consuming.

Fear that does not exist; A made up boogie man who boogies on his own.

Families torn apart. Parents separated from their nest, The white coat narcissists calling the shots again.. telling US what is needed to heal.

And the victims - too young in mind; Immature in time and space, so weak they can not fight back, to make the wrong right for themselves.

Like a caged up animal Body, mind and spirits trapped, Inside the prison of mind. Jailed for life, Until we all break free...


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