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We have been lied to ~


conned beyond belief,

in so many ways,

about so much,

for so long.

On this day ~

never forget,

there was a witness,

a lone man,

with concern,

who shared with the world,

why this destruction happened,

why the towers fell,

so confident,

so clear,

he said at the 1.30 minute mark,

they fell because:

"Mostly due to structural failure..

because the fire was too intense"

How did he know that was the reason?

How did he connect the dots so soon?

He was not an expert;

He was not a structural engineer.

The truth is ~

he was paid to lie,

paid to mislead,

paid to inform us of the reason,

through predictive programming,

like so many times in history,

like so many times now.

All news agents,

like FOX, CNN, ABC,

are part of the plot,

part of the new world order,

involved in the plan,

to enslave the world.

Never trust these people;

they are not on our side.


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