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Updated: Jan 26, 2019

I am so pleasantly surprised that I am LOVING my new lifestyle and new diet change for 2019. I had to do this for health reasons, so I didn't really have a choice. Well, I could have gone to big pharma to sort this out through 'traditional' medical / allopathic approaches, but I thought I'd empower myself to heal naturally.

As annoying as it to know that the government is so blatantly obviously making us sick, some good very good things have come from the discovery. Right now, quite seriously - I have toxic metals inside my body! I am grateful for all these lessens and hope I can share some of the knowledge that I've learned along this new and unexpected path!

I started on the Nutritional Balancing diet (#hTMA) - eating 70% cooked veg and the rest fat and carbs. No booze, no chocolate, no pizza or cake...- 4 weeks ago. I had to remove all the things I loved and it was hard at first, but now I could not be happier. I feel great! 👊

Through this process I discovered about my high levels of toxic metals such as: copper, mercury, aluminium, and nickel - some of which I've created myself and others have been handed to me straight from our government(s).

I need to change my mindset on the toxic environment I am personally responsible for creating inside my body - the 'off the chart' levels of copper - and so I have a support network to help navigate through this healing.

Regarding the other metals - the VERY toxic ones - as shocking it is to know the truth about what is happening in our skies with #Chemtrails (or aka: #GeoEngineering ) its just as shocking to know we are also getting these TOXIC metals through our food, water, vaccines, water pipes, birth control, and so many other sources 😲

I first became aware of the term 'mercury poison' in 2015 when my father was diagnosed with this condition. It took a long time to understand what was happening, but eventually he (and I) got to the truth of what you need to heal yourself.

Since then we have both been on our own path to health and wellness - discovering different strategies and approaches to help heal our bodies. He's been very dedicated - monthly chelation therapy and even bought an infra-red sauna..looks a good 20 years younger 😎 He was the one who first got certified to take hair analysis tests and also changed his diet when he realised he too has toxic metals inside his body.

So this photo represents what I eat these days. My new friends 😁 Veggies, veggies and more veggies...3 times a day (with a bit of protein and fat here and there). Its very strict and its taken the absolute joy out of eating, but in the long term and on a high level - it doesn't matter. I'm eating well and saving money (and calories!) in this process AND I'm so glad to be getting all the goodness that comes from all this colour each meal!

The ONLY thing in my daily ritual that is not really healthy but have to do because it brings me so much joy - my 1 cup of coffee 🤪 I learned a few days into the new dieta that I can enjoy, should I feel desired to, one cup a day. HELL YES, I will have that one cup of coffee each day! I might change this later, but for now - I'm lovin' it!

Friends - I hope you are happy and enjoying life. I am personally feeling good and excited for the year ahead. If you aren't feeling happy and want to further understand why - I highly suggest you take a deeper dive into your body's mineral levels and find out if you have toxic metals lurking inside. Its fascinating to find out in detail whats really happening from a health & wellness perspective.

The best part of this new path is, because I received my diploma in holistic sports nutrition in 2015, I am also qualified to take #hMTA tests! I'm joining forces with my dad to help heal the world 😎 Let me know if you are interested.

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