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Conspiracy Clan

Coronavirus denial cult... that's a new one. Thanks Herald Sun you absolute fake news. The fact that the mainstream media are doing everything in their power to divide and silence us just shows you how powerful the message that we are speaking for really is.

People can sense the TRUTH, they can feel the TRUTH. This is no cult.. this is a world wide movement that is not fooled by the lies that we have been sold. We do our own research instead of BLINDLY believe whatever we are being told.

Why are front line doctors being censored about hydroxychloroquine? Why is Trump being banned over speaking out about it on Twitter? Why did my live from last night with Fanos over 23,000 views get deleted? Why did the 99% Unite group with over 66k members get removed, and then the other with over 11k members? Quite frankly I have the answer.

You see Bill Gates and those pharmaceutical companies were supposed to receive a 20:1 (2000% profit) return on investment if their plan worked to vaccinate the entire population of this virus with a 99.7% recovery rate. They were expecting $200 billion in profit as over $20 billion has already been invested in vaccines.

Now we see how hard the social media and mainstream channels are shutting down the fact that hydroxychloroquine has saved thousands of lives from these front line doctors and are doing everything they can to shut them down. There is no money in this drug though there is money in vaccines.

If you still think this is about your health and safety, I've got bad news for you. The cracks were evident from the beginning and they still are... the reason I am still here speaking out today.

Much love to everyone speaking out. The TRUTH always comes out.

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