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Conspiracy theory ~

a word made up by the FBI

after JFK was killed

a word used to gaslight the truth

a word to mind control you into apathy

a false sense of security

away from the danger

away from the abuse

away so far far away

you don't have to face the darkness

you don't have to move a muscle

you just sit there in silence

you sit there in 'safety'

an ignorant soul

who is ultimately ignoring everything

because of fear~ False Evidence Appearing Real ~

but in this case the conspiracy IS REAL

the conspiracy IS FACT

this conspiracy so true as the sky is blue

its a situation that warrants unimaginable fear

which creates an ultimate desire for internal change

to empower a soul to seek total sovereignty

to be a child of the universe

to free as a bird

to do whatever you wish to do

to be

without the conspiracy

ever being conspired.


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