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I met Shannon for the first time this night, but like all of us at the front lines of this war, we are family from the future, and beyond.

We don’t normally smile, or belly roar with laughter, because of the work we do.

Exposing our enemy is not fun, but we are committed, until the end.

Shannon is not his real name. He is not on duty on this night. He is not saving innocent kids from sex trafficking, rape and murder by the elite.

Shannon owns Cps News Network and and he is a force to be reckoned with.

Shannon exposes the darkness on this planet that is so evil, most have no clue it’s happening.

Everyday Shannon is committed to stopping the MASSIVE issue of child trafficking and sex slavery by our government and the elite.

Everyday Shannon speaks to victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, innocent victims of child rape and evil acts too disgusting to talk about here.

But it’s not only children being impacted by #childprotectionservices

It’s men, It’s women, It’s the entire family...

Shannon works everyday to restore the ugliness this world has served us, and our families.

Everyday he educates on this Earth’s abuse; Everyday he inspires us to heal…

But on this day, on our first real visit in the real world - we put all that aside for one night.

For just one night, we ditched our duties, we laughed like kids, we cruised the valley like teens, …and we ate like pigs!

And they say there is a food shortage not in our world, not on this night, not anywhere in our reality, only fun, laughter, and good times, until the morning comes, and our battle continues.


Thank you Shannon for the incredible work you are doing for humanity

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