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Friends, I recognise we have all been brought up believing in beliefs. Beliefs in religion, beliefs in science and theory, beliefs in the Easter Bunny.

I too was brought up with beliefs. There were beliefs taught in school, at home, and on the tellie too.

Believing in beliefs are what construct our reality. They shape our morals and values and sometimes even dictate our day-to-day activities.

I lived a very long time believing in my beliefs from my past, thinking it was truth, and not considering for once to challenge them. I didn't even put an importance on my beliefs. Just let them be, where they'd be.

It was only when I did start to challenge my beliefs, that the veil of this reality was lifted, and the true nature of how powerful belief systems could be - was shown. The true nature of this reality was also shown...

Now Friends, my new beliefs represent so much more than what I previously believed about beliefs. They have brought me closer to knowing myself; and closer to humanity.

My new beliefs brought me to truth. Which brought me new friends and new alleys. For this, I am forever grateful. ❤️

...all because I was willing to challenge my own beliefs!

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