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One of the most frustrating parts of being an activist is hearing the 'inside scoop' of what happens on the front lines when we go into battle to protect our children's health and wellness.

I'm currently working on a project that details the true nature of school PTA groups and what happens when we ask questions about the HUGE wifi issues we face in classrooms. It's a red-tapped political battle storm and we are being shut down with our voices when we demand answers and changes. They are not giving us any leeway due to industry 'standards' and 'regulations', which we all know is a bunch of hot air. The deception is so obvious, and so big - it's frustrating. 😡

Friends & Family - I HATE to be the bearer of bad news, but we are sending our children into a dangerous battle zone every single day we send them through the public school system. Notice I used the words 'through the system'...please ponder this. Also, please know, I am committing this same crime with my daughter - and it breaks my heart knowing I can't really do anything about it...with her 😞

HOWEVER, for the rest of the children on this planet, it is my highest intention to warn them of the serious issues they are facing when they walk into the school grounds each day. It is my biggest hope that I can educate them on how not to be addicted to the radiation devices they use each day. It's so bad, they don't know. Their parents don't even know. This industry has done a fantastic job covering up the issues that come with wifi radiation. The industry has known for a long time...and yet we are bathing ourselves in it every single day!

SO, we are left with only a few options when it comes to raising our children safely in the 21st century. When it comes to education we need to be strategic. Our children have only one shot at 'growing up' and training their brains to be strong, to be active, to be curious, to learn, to thrive...

When you take into consideration forced vaccines, shootings, and the current curriculum being taught to our children...we start to see a different picture painted about the traditional approach of sending them through the public school system. We need to start considering new options for our children.

👀 Option 1 is to pull your child out of public school system and move to a place somewhere on the planet that is crime free and doesn't have wifi. 🤔 Not sure if this is going to work, especially when they are beaming #5G down from space...

👀 Option 2 is to pull your child out of public school system and use various approaches to educating children in the comfort and safety of the home (or neighbourhood) that is best equipped to handle crime, and wifi radiation surrounding the living environment. This could work...

👀 Option 3 is to pull your child out of the public school system and put them into another education system, one that perhaps has not been created yet. One that is best equiped to handle crime and wifi radiation surrounding the working environment. This could work...

Please watch this 1.11 min video from wifi radiation expert, Barrie Trower to learn just how dangerous wifi is at schools and what you think the solution should be. Do you have any other thoughts or ideas on this topic? Would you like to hear more about how successful homeschooling options are? I'd LOVE to hear from you, lets get this conversation started for the sake of our children xo

Sending love, health and happiness to everyone today!

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