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Today I had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Ralph Epperson for almost 2 HOURS! I called him to discuss the interview scheduled for next week, but we ended up talking about much MUCH more...

Ralph has been studying our global leaders (and their HUGE deceit) for over 50 years. He calls himself the KING of conspiracy because he knows the truth and knows that, in fact, there is a conspiracy happening right now, right inside our country, right in front of all our faces...for the whole world to see.

Ralph's thorough research shows that there is indeed a hidden hand at play, calling the shots, which are affecting Americans' freedoms, health and well being. This hidden hand (call them the global elite) manufacturers war, politics, and sadly, the economic crashes we've seen in the the past. They are also responsible for rolling out the leathal #5Gsmart grid that I speak so passionately about.

At the end of our chat we spoke about the collapsing dollar and how criminal the Federal Reserve System is. We are both very concerned about the MANY Americans who have no clue what's going on right now - the Fed have pulled the wool over many Americans' eyes. 👀

Ralph is passionate about educating as many people as he can about the 'secret destiny' that has been planned for America (and the world!) He has written many books, been on TV and radio and has spoke internationally to huge crowds about The New World Order...coming soon to a town near you!

I highly suggest you check out Ralph at:

If you are interested in viewing our interview, or if you want to ask Ralph any questions about any of these topics - please let me know and we'll include them in our chat next week 🤓

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