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Today is here,

tomorrow is gone,

because this abuse,

was allowed to happen.

And continue to happen...

A year on,

this abuse,

continues to happen.

No swinging?

No escape for the young?

No pushing back and forth,

under the sun?

Did the swing commit murder?

Did the swing commit a crime of contempt?

Why the tape of destruction?

Why this terrible tyranny?

Only in 2021.

The time of the great pandemic.


We have lost our way,

we have lost our minds,

we have lost our history,

our fun,

our freedoms.

We no longer live in the world we once knew.

We no longer love that way anymore.

We now see the lie,

we know the truth,

we honour the importance to re-build,

to recreate,

re learn,

re educate.

And, the life we once knew,

is replaced by new,

a better plan than before,

a much better plan than now,

a better way to move forward,

for humanity,

for our new world,

for the place we want to re-build,

to recreate,

re learn,

re educate...

and this ugly evil ~


for good.


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