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Updated: May 15, 2019

Even though thousands of people in this California city refuse 5G, the laws that passed earlier this year gives the FCC (a non-elected branch of government that hasn't tested 5G for safety) free reign to set up the small cell towers anywhere they want, nation wide.

In asking the question about other US cities prohibiting 5G in their boarders, this was the reply:

“The city is not aware of any city in the United States that has passed an ordinance completely prohibiting 5G in their city without exceptions,” the city answers. “If a city did adopt such an ordinance, it would not be valid and would expose the city to lawsuits by wireless carriers.”

So, let me get this straight.....

Thousands of people in Thousand Oaks, and millions of people across the US (and the world) want to stop 5G, for health and safety purposes. They also don't want a military weapon and spy cameras on their doorstep BUT the FCC, who will be making BILLIONS on this rollout, will continue to march forward at lighting speed.

....and if a local city does rejects 5G, doesn't comply with the ordnance, it gets sued by wireless carriers? This makes no sense.

The FCC aren't responsible for safety of the people.

The FCC doesn't care about the voices of the people.

The president isn't concerned about our health and wellness. He doesn't care about our voices. He is supposed to be making America great again. He should be protecting our rights and freedoms.

You will soon find out, first with 5G and then with the Money and Medical systems...and so many other areas in life: we have no rights and in the land of the free; we have no (real) freedoms.

This place is a circus; the clowns are running the show, and the bearded lady is actually a man with boobs.

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