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{re-post from last year}

A new year,

a new time to rebirth,

new traditions.

It’s a time for new perspectives,

and new TRUTH,


only the the TRUTH,

will set you free,

only the TRUTH,

will walk you to safety,

will walk you and your family,

away from the darkness of deceit,

away from the enemy of evil,

the destroyer of life,

the master overloards,

ruling the world,

inside a legacy,

of lies.

The truth is:

no virus as ever been proven to exist.



Not one once of evidence,

has been discovered,

to prove this story as real,

~ as truth ~

that ‘it’

the deadly disease we are fighting against,

actually exsists.

Not one government agency,

can inform us,

~ with truth on their side ~ about the details of this sickness,

the ‘deadly’ disease,

gripping the planet,

which has left us locked down,

masked up,

and poisoned.

Not one person on the planet should be scared,

but the world is living in fear,

of a deadly virus,

that has never been proven to exists.

Share this truth,

tell everyone you know,

pass it on today,

pass it on right now…


Friends, I NEVER (almost never) use the C- WORD!! This label needs to be removed from our vocabulary if our kids want to live a life of freedom. Make 2023 the year we rid the world of this evil.

If you want to help your family through this war, to combat the lies and deceit, join us at Freedom Collective Foundation here:

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