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As we look back in time, long ago, at the creation of their evil plans, there is nothing we can do about the past. We can't change their thinking. We can't remove their fear. We can't address their greed. We can't educate them on honesty, or explain dignity, or show them love.

When we look forward into time, coming soon; at the final steps of their evil plans, there is so much we can do about the future. We can undo all of this mess, by living with awareness, with truth and knowledge, further education, with action plans for protection, and total empowerment for families.

But the most powerful place to look, the most effective place to direct our energy, is now.

✅ How are you feeling today, at this moment in time? ✅ Do you need to step outside for some air? ✅ Do you need to call someone to say I love you? ✅ Do you have anxiety or stress that is concerning you?

Address any immediate concerns, if you must, then let this all go, as you read this, for now.

The power in this moment in time, the best part of this second right now, resides in the opportunities upon us, the paths presented with free will and choice, and endless options of future possibilities. There are infinite ways you can direct your energy; There are countless topics that can catch your attention; embody your thinking; empower your mind.

Will you choose a path of progression, of evolution in consciousness, and empowerment of your soul?

OR will you choose to stay stuck in time, mingling with untruths on the news, and lies in the history of yesteryear?

Join me in 2020, the year of vision, where we focus on the things that matter; The importance of staying present, savouring every second that passes, honouring truth, love, empowerment, and the power of now. ❤️

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