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Warrior Support

Calling All Angels:

Friends - I am a team of 1, but I have several warriors who support me each day with emails of gratitude and appreciation; and this keeps me going.


I could not do this without you. 


As many of you know, my entrepreneur journey has led me here, talking to you each day about the plot, and what our solutions are - I love what I do.


The truth is that I've spent the last 2 years living off my savings, and now am faced with the inevitable - finding a new job, or continue down this path that I have carved out for myself.


There is so much to do building the New Earth, and there are many people to help find their purpose; and then promote them through my daily show -

 Freedom Collective's Secret Sauce -  

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I have a great plan, a lot of skills, and many who find my messages encouraging, but financial support is needed right now. I'm looking for angels who can support me.

If you would like to donate to further support me in my mission, to help save the world from global tyranny - your financial contribution would be so helpful and very much appreciated. It will help me keep going,  what I've been led to, and what I find great joy from. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, every bit of your support helps.

The World Responds To My Mission

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2021 - Rebuilding Our New World With The Family Unit At The Core

I have teamed up some amazing people, and together we have a mission to rebuild our new world. This is a complex plan with many topics to cover, but there is a core message that stands as our focus - the family unit must be restored.

The Freedom Collective Foundation has been set up and I am looking to raise $150,000 to help support a national roadshow using every opportunity to educate people on the global issues we face, but more importantly, our solutions. 

As I travel from city to city, there is an opportunity to speak to people and to create content - my favourite thing to do!


Through a new podcast called Freedom Collective's Secret Sauce, I will be searching for people who have stepped into their power, and have aligned with their passions. This content can be used as inspiration, as people become realigned in their new world, with their purpose.

Any person who contributes will become a sponser and will have an opportunity to create content, either through interviews, poems or memes. There will also be a sponser page that promotes their business and services.

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