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Your Secret Sauce

I love my job, and promoting people who have stepped into their secret sauce, their true purpose.  


This package is for people who have something to say, but just don't have the technical skills to create amazing content. 


It's an opportunity for authors, industry influencers and anyone promoting amazing new earth services.

Each show you'll get:

  • 30 min interview (branded) - for your YouTube

  • 3 'short's' - to be used in social media posts*

  • 3 meme - to be used in social media posts

  • Star directory on New Earth Entertainment

And, because this is a private member foundation, you will be able to contribute financially, to our cause.

* 'shorts' are small sections of the interview, backed with music that showcases a main topic of discussion.

Presented on your own Star Profile Page on New Earth Entertainment contact me to learn more!

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