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The Great Comeback

A courageous story of one soul's journey to educate and inspire the world. 

With a lifetime of wisdom, knowledge,

and a heartfelt desire to heal planet Earth,

we see first hand the trials and tribulations that have weighed heavy on humanity for so long...

But, through this quest to restore balance and harmony amongst us, 
and, as the veils of consciousness are lifted, 
and truth is restored, 
we, as the human collective, 
become attuned with our natural habitat once again, 
we align ourselves to old ways of thinking and living, 
which creates rhythm, and flow, and abundance; 
with new opportunities opened for economies, 
health and wellness, 
and love.

Support & Contribution - Next Chapter Wish List

project - seeking partners & investors


cash      - for 6 month transition costs

              - making film / documentary

              - for Brown's Gas product creation

shelter  - (3 months) home by farm;

              - (3+ months) long term farm living - 2023

transpo - airplane ticket cost

              - airport car transport 

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