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These times are so poignant. Change is in the air.

Towers everywhere.

Devices everywhere.

WIFI in every house; in every building near by.

Today I saw an little kid, waiting for the bus, with his blue tooth set in his ears, and his mobile on his lap.

He has no clue his phone is dangerous.

His parents don't know either.

Meanwhile the people running the show; the evil ones, the globalists if you will;

force their ideas onto the masses, and the masses lap them up like sliced bread.

All the time.

Today we see the family disconnected. We see the addiction runs deep. On every level, girl and boy. Parents included.

We need to break the trance that has been falsely imposed upon humanity,

and remind us what things use to be before,

when 'Full House' was the nights entertainment.

Or when CSI blasted on the TV before bed.

There were no gadgets or cords everywhere. There were no spying devices. No Suri. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Times are turning. Are you paying attention? 😕

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