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I was talking to my father about 'unchaining' myself from the lies and deception of the US Government. He replied by saying the only way to do that is to denounce your US citizenship.

I asked if he had done his research on what it means to be a US citizen, or if he had just trusted what was being told.

I don't think he would do his research on this topic. Why would he? Nobody (of sound mind) would ever think that a group of people would lie, cheat, and steal from you.

Nobody would think that anyone would be out to harm you.

Nobody would think there was a grand master plan in the works.

A grand master plan that has lasted for over a century.

A grand master plan that is meant to enslave us, and our children. A plan that is killing us slowly, and preventing us from seeking our true life potential.

We've been led to believe our country is on our side.

This could not be furthest from the truth.

Our country (and its president) is lying to us and stealing our money. They have been lying and stealing our money for years...

Its time to wake up and realise we have been conned. This is NOT crazy talk. Once you understand the deception, you can break free from it. The first step is the hardest...❤️

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