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Support Needed

Many of you know my personal story of parental alienation abuse, but most don't know how deep the deception goes with narcissists who operate inside the family court system.

Parental alienation is an all too common theme amongst us wounded souls who have suffered a relationship that endured narcissism and narcissistic abuse. When divorce happens and kids are involved, things with the family unit get much worse.

Fast forward 10 years living through this psychological abuse and I've had to make the very hard decision to leave Australia without my daughter. I need to leave the one place where I've finally settled as home, because I can no longer go on in this abusive relationship.

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Through this process of abuse, my mental state has become stronger. My next chapter has been presented to me and is aligned with higher purpose and I feel an excitement inside my soul, that I haven't felt in YEARS. The next chapter is going to be amazing and I am so excited to share more (in due course!). still doesn't take away the pain and heartache I am going through right now from missing my daughter. I have not seen or spoken to her in over 2 years. She was ripped out of my life, without any notice, and now it feels I have mourned a daughter that is still alive.

With every moment that goes by, I am more dedicated to her future; making this world an amazing place for her.

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Right now, as I make this transition back to my home country of USA - I am asking for your support. If you can help me in any one of these three areas, I would greatly appreciate it.

1. CLIENTS: {SECRET SAUCE SPECIAL - CLICK HERE} I am looking for new clients (authors, influencers, business leaders) who want to be interviewed on a regular basis; either to promote a product, ideas, or to just influence others. My secret sauce is interviewing and making beautifully branded full version videos that looks great on YouTube, but also shorter edits with music in the background that go so well in social media posts and blogs. I also love creating new show ideas and building live and interactive audiences. 

Right now, I work mostly for free. Yes, 95% of all the work I do is given to the world without financial contribution because I am in my secret sauce, helping promote others who are in theirs. This is the most fulfilling role that I could have established for myself, which I did after finding my 'why' in 2017. When one is on their path, their true purpose, no amount of money can influence or motivate their actions. How do I put an amount on someones brilliance when their contributions to the world are SO invaluable? 


In addition, I don't like operating in fiat currency because we have been lied to about money.


Since 2020, I've been playing around with this concept of "money" and have given up most of it. Today, I live just over the poverty line and have never felt wealthier. I can guarantee amazing things begin to happen when you remove money from your life. We are not there as a collective (yet) but in just few generations time - we will. There is much to look forward to when we get out of this global mess we find ourselves in.

However, as I change chapters and relocate to a new land, I will use fiat currency for the move - to help me establish myself again in America. The clients that work with me will receive amazing content with the request to contribute fiat cash funds into my foundation, so that I can afford financially to make this transition possible - for now and the future. If you, or someone you know, wants to work with me to create content, I would love to hear from you (my contact details are below)!

2. COMMUNITY: My community (aka: my tribe) has been with me from day 1 of this journey. In fact, the reason why I started to speak out in 2019 was because my voice had not been heard, it was silenced for so long that I decided to share with the world what I knew to be true. Little did I know that the world would respond so well to me following my heart.


Since 2019 I have gained an international following, and have impacted and saved many lives with the knowledge that I share. I didn't know that by me being alone and on my own for so long that resulted in endless hours of researching health & wellness and the 'new world order' has resulted in a direct influence on others. I started to see that all that suffering for all those years was actually a good thing; a positive impact to humanity. I started to see that my effort to help myself, was actually inspiring and helping others make positive change in their and their families lives.


Fast forward almost 4 years and now I have set up Freedom Collective Foundation community - an online tribe where people can learn and grow with each other with the solutions I have discovered; the PODS (Pillars Of Dedication & Service) that I have identified as areas of growth:


I have also created New Earth Entertainment - which is a private platform that showcases the best minds on the planet.

I would love for you to join me on this journey, and educate you on all the amazing health solutions I have found. AND, for you to educate me, and us!


I would love to identify other 'way showers' who know the truth of the health & wellness, law, the lay of the land, frequency medicine, consciousness, etc....and have valuable content to share to the community..


I would love to have other 'influencers' in their secret sauce - helping people evolve to their best versions through events and courses. This platform is free, and I welcome everyone on their awakening journey to join us.


For the people who know what is going on - the best is yet to come.

3. A PRIVATE JET: Although I am very excited for this journey and new chapter, there are a few things that are stressing me out. Yes friends, I am asking for contacts who might have a spare jet they can afford me to travel in. For one, navigating this situation through airport restrictions creates a stressful uncertainty for me. I am also traveling with my wonderful companion cat, MooMoo, and I would hate to have him on his own at the bottom of the plane for so long during this 16 hour journey. I am looking for someone who has a private jet who wants to fly me to safety. I know it's a long shot, but if you don't ask, you won't get!


In conclusion, I would like to say that - we're all in this together. We are all supporting each other as we evolve into the new world we are building. We all need to rely on each other to survive and thrive. I offer you all my knowledge and experience to date, and if you need an ear to listen to issues or concerns, I am here for you. The community that I have built over the past few years represents the strongest, boldest, kindest hearts on the planet. This tribe is getting stronger and more clear with our solutions by the day. The best thing we can do for ourselves, and the future generations, is to leave this world in a much better place than we found it, and this is the goals for this lifetime. I hope you will join me on this journey, and walk alongside me.

Much love

Sheena xo

PS: Any support you can offer financially, through this transition, is greatly appreciated.

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