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Benefits Of Crown Ascension

There is a class system on the planet, 

feudalism at its finest,

a division between the haves,

and have nots,

a separation of wealth, knowledge,

and power.


Your birth certificate is your pass ~

your entry into their world wide corruption,

a centuries long system of deceit,

a finely tuned perception of fraud,

starting with THE NAME (your name!),

a corporate 'fictional' identity,

that binds your flesh and blood,

to slavey,

to tax, 

to rules and regulations,

and long lines at the airport.

The only answer is to ascend,

to rise your spirit to the living,

no more dead man walking,

for everyone is CROWN,

a beneficial owner of THE NAME (your name!),

learn your rights, 

learn the law,

know who you are,

inside and out,

for freedom is a mindset,

it reigns from within,

it gives yourself true power,

and sets your soul free.

Crown - Sovereign - Person.png


Screen Shot 2020-09-05 at 11.01.22

Invoking Crown Card

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