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Healing the Hogue Family

The goals of this plan is to reunite Amelie with Sheena and to create a bridge for Miles (and Bronwyn) to nurture healing between Sheena & the Hogue Family, Sheena & Amelie, and Sheena & Miles. With the help of Jerry, I envision this effort to be peaceful, fun and fully of happiness and love to combat any trauma that will be experienced by Amelie if we don't sort this situation out now.


The extreme abuse of parental alienation, psychopathy, sociopathy and narcissism is present inside this family and we need all the people who are currently acting 'narcissistic' to drop their egos, and to live through their hearts with the only intention to support Amelie through the healing of this abuse both by the parental alienation situation with Miles, and the abuse of the New World Order by our government. 


By the end of this plan, I envision harmony between all of us, and a further direct link into Jerry for any post support that is needed by the family, Amelie and Miles. I also want to ensure that Amelie knows that she has not done anything wrong, that I am not mad at her or Miles for what I have been through, and this is not anyones fault ...except for the governments.


I hold no bad feelings for anyone in this family, I just need to stress the urgency of the current situation that we are all living through on the planet. I need them to 'wake up' to these agendas that I have been exposing, and take my concerns seriously, for the well being of Amelie AND the rest of the kids in this family - for generations to come.

The Healing Manifesto

December 2023

Preplanning UK Trip

I have already kindly asked to be removed from the family will, due to the Agenda 21 goals (of abolishing property & inheritance rights) and other monetary issues that I have been exposing over the years. With this in mind, I would like to request that my father releases some of the inheritance fund (circa $20K), so that we can spend this money (before he dies) to reunite me with Amelie, and the entire Hogue family, including Miles. This money will pay for a birthday gift celebration given to them on behalf of the entire Hogue Family (who is now currently supporting Sheena in her humanitarian mission) which will provide a bridge of healing between all members of the family.

External Facebook Support


As soon as Amelie & Miles agrees to the trip, I will write a Facebook post telling my audience that we are healing as a family, and that I will soon be reunited with my daughter. 

The goals of this post will be to gain as much positive feedback of love and support towards Amelie (and the Family) and that we have LOTS of external support that loves us and wants to see this union between us. I will use this post as a bridge to communicate my international success with Amelie via my support network (see below).

Establishing A Support System

Late December 

I would like Leah & Amanda to start communicating with Amelie immediately and speak to on a regular basis before her holiday. This will give them a chance to clean up my reputation that they have both tarnished. I don't care how they do this, they just need to speak highly of me. The facebook post above will give them good content to start with. They can act anyway they want in response to the abuse I have been under by them, but all I want to see is them now supporting me and my mission, and to let Amelie know its OK to support me too. 

In addition to Leah & Amanda's support in the USA, I would also like to include two great friends (Jules & Mariposa) in Australia to help bridge the gap there. With this in mind, I would like to treat Amelie to a shopping spree in Sydney in prep for her holiday and to also invite Bronwyn, to start to clear up the bad name that has been tarnished by her public defamation of my character. This can be done by Amelie overhearing Jules and Mariposa speak kindly about me. I will ensure that they both speak highly of Bronwyn to ensure Amelie knows there is no tension between us. 


Both Jules & Mariposa will arrange the shopping spree ($1000) through Miles (or Bronwyn), but I also want to pay Mariposa for her services on this day, and a few weeks after Amelie returns from the US so Amelie has this contact as support should anything happen in the future in Australia.


My envision for this support is to provide Amelie with external friends (who know all about Parental Alienation) to trust to talk to, and to enjoy a girly day out as a way to have fun with my friends so she knows I am not a bad person, and to feel safe because Bronwyn will also there.  I would like Bronwyn to share in the excitement for being reunited with her Mother and for them all to have lunch together.

UK Holiday Rental - Peak District

Jan 5- 24 (TBD)

Reunited with Amelie - End Goal

January 2024

The house Sheena is staying in has plenty of room for me and Amelie, and the cottage (30 seconds away) can fit 2 / 3 people - Miles can be there on his own for the majority of the trip. This will give us time and space to reconnect and heal in a loving and peaceful environment with another family of 4 ( 2 kids being a12 yo girl and 15 yo boy) and 6 dogs that they will love.

Heather can join us for a few days which will also bridge the healing process. 

If Stan, Amanda  & Leah want to take out 20K and join us, they would be welcome to. Both my mom and dad would be welcome as well.

There are plenty of kids here Amelie's age, close walk to the town village, space for Miles to hike and ride his bike as the husband here is a cyclist. Miles can also leave the Peak District (leaving Amelie with me) to reconnect with Chris & Fiona Richardson and all the other friends he has in the UK.

Victoria (the mom here) is lovely and she will provide a bridge for Miles whilst he stays in her cottage. She holds no judgement and only wants pace and healing to happen.


For Amelie's bday, I would like to surprise her and get a whole bunch of us to the local Alton Towers (similar to Disneyland) as it is only 7 kms away and we can invite my cousins and her kids, who Amelie has never met, to join us.

During this two weeks I want to create such a fun and exciting time for Amelie that it reduces any of the stress and trauma that she has experienced through all of this, both the Parental Alienation and the New World Order agendas happening right now...


>> I want to create a harmonious connection between Miles and myself and for him to speak to Jerry as a friend to help adjust his behavior towards me.  I don't want Miles to be blamed for any of this, but to build up his ego that he is a good dad and he is not to blame (even though he is).


>> I want Amelie to know she has support in the form of Jerry, Amanda & Leah, Jules & Mariposa, and my international audience.


>> I don't want Amelie to feel bad, or nervous, in any way. about my role as a Humanitarian and Investigative Journalist.


>> I don't want to rehash the past of the parental alienation, only that its nobody's fault but the systems. Amelie must know I hold no hard feelings for Miles. That I am not mad or hold a grudge for any of them.

>> I want to apologise to Amelie for the 'puffer incident' even though it was not my fault, and she lied. I don't blame her. I want to clear the air with her to avoid any future trauma that is associated between us from this "trigger" that caused the separation.


>> I want Amelie to know the truth about my role as Humanitarian and Investigative journalist, no matter how hard it is to hear. This does not need to be difficult, as long as you remove the fear and let her know there is nothing to worry about - she will be OK. We need to be joking about this, and laughing at the craziness of it all, instead of arguing and being angry at the dire situation we face. 


>>I want my family to recognize how serious my mission is, and to show Amelie that they support me and that they are proud of me for doing the role that I am in.

>> I want Jerry to "dilute" the disfunction of narcism, that its something we ALL experience between each other and people in this world,  which is a problem but it doesn't need to be if handled with care. I would like Jerry to encourage a change in behaviour by the Hogue Family and Miles into a more loving and supportive and protective environment.

inheritance Cost Breakdown

 - Roundtrip Flights to UK (x2)

 - 2 weeks accommodation in the peak district 

 - Shopping spree for Amelie

 - Spending money for Amelie's UK trip

 - multiple sessions (package) with Jerry - short term support

 - multiple sessions (package) with Mariposa - long term support

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