• depression

  • marriage & relationships

  • pain & injury

  • your life purpose

  • loved ones passed

  • random events from the past

  • missing items, lost stuff

  • messages from your subconscious

  • 2-3 hours interview 

  • full life review

  • full body scan

  • 2 hours deep trance therapy

  • all your questions addressed

  • pain & injury

  • your life purpose

  • messages from your subconscious

  1. book an appointment with Sheena

  2. write all of your questions down

  3. identify any physical pain or issues

  4. come with a full belly and empty mind

  5. leave with the first priority to fill your belly

  6. listen to your recorded session

  7. implement guidance & advice.

  8. follow - up calls with Sheena

  • As an investigative journalist, I LOVE discovering hidden knowledge and secrets of the past.

  • I have always been genuinely interested in helping people; I am genuinely interested in helping you.

  • I don't judge people, I am nonbiased, and nothing you share with me will shock me. 

  • I am empathetic with life situations, and ask the right questions to get to the root of the problem.

  • I have patience and will take however long it takes to get to the answers we are looking for.

  • I have traveled the world and lived in 3 different countries, I know about various cultures.

  • I have deep research of the past and have studied the future extensively to be able to provide the best guidance for your life decisions.


  • Relax, there is no rush, we are on your time.

  • Don't worry about sharing personal stories, I've heard it all.

  • There is nothing to be scared about, you are always safe.

  • Have an open mind, accept what comes to you.

  • Follow through with the messages, listen to your inner voice.