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Technology Addiction
Family Addiction.png
  • Are you using or abusing your mobile devices?

  • Do you monitor your families screen time?

  • Have you noticed a change in behaviour after tech use?


Friends, I used #QHHT to be regressed;
to look into the future,
to seek solutions,
to seek answers,
to the biggest problems,
on the planet -
we all face now.

The end result -
a 30 minute journey
of the future I saw
and still see.

A journey that gives me ideas,
and so much hope.

The solutions are here now,
these are exciting times.

I will continue to work towards this mission to deliver these solutions to parents -solutions that will be coming soon!!

A big thank you to Jeff Broomfield to help me access this huge amount information during my regression.

  • Get back to ease of mind

  • Get back into control

  • Get your personality back

  • Get your happiness back

I was in safe hands; knowing the future would be bleak. ❤️

I know this is a long clip but just play it whilst you chop vegetables or on your ride home in the car;
I hope you get a little chuckle too
of my time travel into the future 😁

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