The Truther Telethon -  Coming Together To Come Together

Support - our friends and families across the world who are suffering from the events of 2020.

Specialty - sharing the knowledge and wisdom of the finest minds on the planet.

Connection - build your local community so that you are prepared for any emergencies.

Looking For Stars To Contribute To Making The Best Event Of The Year

Comedy - Do you have a funny skip or a hilarious joke to share?

Music -  Whether you are an opera singer, or a Rap star - every musician has something magical to to contribute to 

Wisdom - What's your passion, or your area of expertise?  Do you have some advice or knowledge to share? 

How To Participate

Register To Perform - Enter your name to register your interest.

Share The Date - Inform Your Audience Of Your Performance Time

Interview Prep - Ensure you prep, by answering the following questions

Contribution - What is your contribution?

Covid-19 - What are your thoughts about Covid-19?

Armour - What advice do you have for our future?


Offering - How Can You Help The Community?

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