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Updated: May 11, 2021

It's hard to imagine,

what it feels like,

to have your whole world,

turn upside down,

turn inside out,

become almost,

entirely evil,


It's a disgrace to know,

what we've done here,

what we've done with the world,

our Planet Earth.

We've planned it,

real bad,

a horrible way,

some would say.

All the lies,

the deceit,

the destruction.

This is Satan's playground,

for sure,

he's been ruling

~ for centuries ~

he's responsible

~ for this mess ~

for it's him,

he's the one to blame.

But not anymore.

We are re-building now,

we are recreating anew,

a brand new world,

under universal law,

under's God's command,

in truth,

with love,

and freedom.

Where harmony reigns,

and good vibes begins,

every day,

all day long,

forever more,

'till death do us part,


until our ascension.


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