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WIFI weapons expert, Barrie Trower, explains his fears about 5G currently being used as a military WEAPON and this is the same technology they are rolling out WORLDWIDE to all humans, pregnant women, and children.

Also, friends, I learned yesterday of a pregnant woman having to cancel attending the annual music festival in England - GLASTONBURY - because of the 5G system already up there.

Please take 2 mins and 28 seconds to watch this video.

Stay diligent with your children, especially around WIFI, as this alone can cause damage internally to their reproductive organs.

And remember, WIFI is linked to all sorts of diseases. Please:

☑️ Sleep with your WIFI off at night. ☑️Turn your phone in airplane mode when not in use ☑️Use earplugs ALWAYS, do not hold phone to head ☑️ TELL A FRIEND AND SHARE THIS VIDEO

Thank you Friends, this is serious ❤️

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