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In the very end ~

the books were burned,

the YouTube channels destroyed,

the Facebook censorship in full swing,

but Sheena kept typing.

Sheena kept typing ~

like there was no tomorrow.

Just typed, and typed.

With every stroke, she typed.

With every return, she typed.

Typing truth to all;

to all who would listen.

Now in 2020 the jailbird ~

in jailhouse rock for many.

Locked away for typing; typing too much.

Way too much typing..

Sheena just kept typing truth everyday..

all day,

'till there was no day.

And, in between ~

we stayed in touch.

No matter what,

we stayed in touch.

MAKE SURE you stay in touch.

Make sure you are connected,

through all the ups, and downs,

and turnarounds


the new earth is here.


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