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As a Quantum Healer (I just passed my course!),

through past life regression hypnosis techniques,

you are able to access the sub conscious mind.

Sub conscious can also be called:

your higher self, the super soul, source,

or God.

The sub conscious is different than your ego,

the logical side of your brain,

the one that protects you,

that navigates your daily life.

The sub conscious is infinity,

an ocean of 'us' connected energetically,

through time and space,

with no limitations.

The sub conscious has all the records,

of all events that have ever been created,

in this lifetime, and all of your past lifetimes,

for everyone and everything on this planet,

and beyond.

The sub conscious is that little voice that nags you,

and gives you red flags,

and tells you when to turn left,

when you were planning to turn right.

The sub conscious knows your purpose,

it gives you lifetime nudges through your stomach,

through your dreams,

and through random events that are chalked up to small world coincidences.

The sub conscious knows everything about everything.

It can do anything and everything.

It can heal past trauma affecting your life today,

It can remove pain, chronic illness,

it can even cure cancer.

Yes, cancer.

The sub conscious is so loving,

cares so much about humanity,

and has so many messages for us as humans.

It wants you to know that you are loved,

that you are always protected,

that fear does not exist in this world,

there is nothing to worry about,


Your life has been planned, by you.

Your death has also been planned, by you.

You wrote this script. All the answers are within you.

If lost, all you ever have to do is ask for guidance...

The sub conscious speaks.

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