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Hello Friends - I'm between jobs at the moment and have had the opportunity to have ALOT of time to think. There is so much going on in the world right now. There is too much at stake to lose focus. I fear if I stop working each day to raise awareness on the problems we face, the movement will loose momentum. We need all hands on deck! I need to do more.

I want to move into a role that allows me to interview people and talk about current issues as a full time investigative reporter on topics that are vital to our health and wellbeing ...and what I feel we all need to start talking more about NOW. This is not something you will watch on the nightly news.

I'd love to get your feedback. I might shoot from my studio and get a better camera. Feel free to PM me if you have a topic you want me to cover. I'm open for interviews too, so all you that I've spoken to over the past few weeks (you know who you are) I'll be calling you next week to schedule a chat!

Thank you for all the support over the past year as I navigate 'waking up' to the hash realities of this life we live in. 😟

On one hand, it was the hardest year of my life, on the other hand it was the best. It brought me to my true passion, new friends, and a whole new sense of purpose ❤️ Thank you for watching and participating in the change we need to see x

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