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Recently I was made aware of yet MORE WIFI issues in the classroom. More red tape, and more harm done (likely unknowingly) to the children. This needs to stop NOW! ☢️☢️☢️

I am not sure if I can keep moving forward knowing that the limited options we have for the majority of the children on this planet are the worst options we could possibly give them...

Many people are raising their voices; making parents aware of wifi dangers in the classroom and the other issues that come with the public education system (mandatory vaccines, common core curriculum, system corruption, and much more) We are speaking out for the children, the ones who are relying on us to keep them out of harms way and entrusting us to give them the best options for the best future possible.

In this chat with, David Rodriguez, we share our visions of the future of education. What do you think? Would you consider a local homeschooling option for your children? 🤔

If you homeschool, what has been your greatest reward or success? 💗

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