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The Flow Of Water

For more information about Wellness Enterprise Solutions for Structured Water, please contact Crown Juls at

With so many people dealing with tiredness, fatigue and disease it’s time to pay attention to basics and the water we drink.

Like spring water, structured water is energized and revitalized to hydrate your cells and support optimal health. Discover Structured Water.

Purify, Mineralize and Energize your way back to health.

Why is structured water so important and what can science tell us about the difference structure vs chaos has? Well let’s find out.

  • Science shows us the link between the loss of Hexagonal Water (loss of structure) and aging.

  • Recent science is showing a correlation between the age-related loss of water and a corresponding loss of Hexagonal Water within the body.

  • NuclearMagnetic Resonance, ”NMR” technology has documented this age-related reduction in hexagonally-structured water, showing that newborn babies have almost 100% Hexagonal Water in their bodies. By age 36, the average drops to only 56% and by the age of 58, Hexagonal Water in the body can be as low as 23%.

  • So, if as we age we could keep an increased percentage of hexagonal water in our body we should be able to help reduce the effect of aging on our body. This can lead to living a healthier, happier and overall longer life. Just by changing the water you drink.

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