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The Comeback is a life project, a feature film and a quest for every single person here today.


Inspired by Jean at Inspired Tribe to promote Clear Water Vision


Using the ideas of the CannaCoin to barter our lifeforce of time, love, knowledge and skills.

Make your own money - use this ready available mobile app to create dollars and coins right at your fingertips on hemp paper using photos of legends from these times, and yesteryear.

Inside the mobile app, you can purchase credits with crypto, or fiat currency making it a seamless transaction for this new environmentally friendly product that resolves the barter between people, in terms of Lifeforce, a medium readily available and easily accepted in all corners of the world, from all regions across this land where the hemp plant grows.


We focus on evolution through acquiring the techniques from the PODS of our body, mind and soul through online entertainment, courses and local events.


Together, as a collective, we collaborate and come together to create a professional documentary that incorporates the areas of growth from both the micro and macro perspective, highlighting the changes we need to address - as the root cause of our issues - on the macro level (such as Primary Water and the CannaCoin) will eventually create a ripple effect into the micro level consciousness of positive free will and right action.

The working title of the feature film is:

The Great Comeback - from atonement to attunement, restoration begins from within.

  • The Great Comeback - a play on their words, but using "comeback" as coming back home to ourselves, to nature and natural law.

  • from atonement - related to something that Russell mentioned, which is that we don't harbour any anger from this situation. We don't blame anyone. We accept it, and now fix it.

  • to attunement - We are all evolving but actually attuning ourselves back to....

  • restoration - the original way we were meant to live.

The feature film will be hosted on New Earth Entertainment where we will promote the film on this censor-free platform, and generate fiat currency, inside a private foundation membership association - Freedom Collective Foundation, to be used as charitable contributions for future projects and ideas.



Family Coaching - 1:1 coaching with one, or all family members.

Secret Sauce Promotion - Various interview packages that promote your specialty.

Freedom Collective Foundation Services - Technology skills to survive in the 21st century.


  • raise money for funding - transport and transportation {tbc}

  • pitch idea to people of interest - The Great Comeback

  • make a plan to depart Australia

  • sell stuff, settle debts, end all contracts

  • get currency generation (future funding) for now, and future survival period

  • find support, both personal and businesses (FCF, NEE, Others)

  • discuss private foundation opportunities with others

  • get MooMoo sorted both locations and travel, get advice

  • create the New World Roundtable with The Great Comeback team to discuss weekly

  • Create a todo for the projects that are scheduled for The Great Comeback

  • acquire a baseline of clients working with my services and achieving foundation goals

  • get travel process organised with papers and other details needed for USA entry

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